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Our Vision


The Bacup Family Centre works with children, young people, their families and individuals, listening and responding to their needs.


Bacup Family Centre aims to:


  • Strengthen family relationships, supporting individuals as they develop their ability to care for themselves, their family and the wider community.

  • Help parents/carers understand and meet the needs of the children and young people in their care.

  • Help people to overcome their difficulties and make lasting positive change, supporting them for the duration of time they need to make thorough sought after changes.

  • Enable service users to develop holistically, in mind, body and soul.

We will do this through:


  • Individual support including emotional and practical care to children, young people, families and individuals.

  • Professional and affordable groups and activities for children, young people and adults, developed in partnership with service users and other agencies.

  • Developing, maintaining and working in partnership with other agencies

  • Offering a community focal point where individuals can meet and are encouraged to become actively involved in the decision making process and service delivery.

  • Opportunities that enable personal growth, self confidence and esteem, respect and positive self image.


Intended Outcomes:


To help people turn their lives around, increasing the chance for everybody to have loving and secure futures with a sense of respect and of worth.

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